Here’s how this incredible event space came to be…

Before opening The Social Loft, I worked as a celebrity makeup artist in Las Vegas, giving me a behind-the-scenes look into some of the largest events in entertainment. I later moved to Chicago where I continued to work with celebrities and brides for special events.

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Hello! I’m Deanna Naura

As a part of the events industry for more than two decades, I recognized a growing need for a mid-sized event space that felt intimate and open to customization, something beyond a traditional banquet room or restaurant. People want to host an event that feels like a reflection of who they are — complete with their favorite foods, drinks, and personalized decor. 

Especially in recent years, I could see that there were limited options for a customizable event space with no vendor restrictions. The Social Loft proudly fulfills that need, and I am thrilled to offer this space to our incredible hosts and their guests.

Custom events without the stress.

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